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By Martha Shea
Shea Communicatons
What or who inspires you?
I take inspiration from everywhere – colleagues, the environment, the media; I try to stay open. You never know where/who inspiration will come from.
What path took you to where you are now?
Forty years ago, I expected to have a 40-year career in newspapers, but life had other plans. I took that experience, those skills and to figure out where else I could apply them. It turned out that corporate communications was the place, and for it’s been very, very good to me.
What do you wish you’d known starting out?
Be ready for anything … often, the best constructed career plans are simply a guidebook or framework. Stay professionally flexible.
What work are you most proud of? What was the most difficult?
Having built a career that’s lasted nearly 40 years. Having built a career that’s lasted nearly 40 years.
What other talent would you like to have?
I’d like to be a musician – there seems to be an immediate creative reward that’s not there with writing or visual art.
If you could choose what to come back as, what would it be?
No way I’m doing all this again!
What is your personal motto?
Well, it’s a recently adopted motto, but I’ve learned to make it my own – I heard it from my brother-in-law, who’s a licensed contractor, and he heard it from the cement contractors with whom he works. “Done is good.”
About Dan:

Dan is partner in DJS Communications LLC in Royal Oak, a full service corporate communications firm http://www.djscomm.com/.
In addition to his corporate communications work, Dan is also known for his editorial cartooning” –33 years total as a metro Detroit cartoonist (past: Daily Tribune, Grosse Pointe News and Heating, Cooling and Air Conditioning News). Current: The News-Herald (celebrating 25 years with that paper this year), Crain’s Detroit Business (18 years), The Dearborn Press & Guide (9 years). Here’s a link to Dan’s cartoon blog: “Pen Points” http://saadcommentary.blogspot.com/

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