Board met, discussed chapter enhancements for the coming year

This article was originally published in the August 2014 issue of The Galley.

The Board of Direboardctors met August 7 at the Kresge Foundation’s beautiful facility located at the historic 19th century Brooks Farm in Troy.

Planning, results already underway
Already portfolio enhancements are translating into action. Notably, in addition to the Programs team’s impressive efforts to plan a slate of events through December, Career Outreach Chair Sean Patrick shared plans to build a Career Center to support the needs of employers and job-seekers. As a start, you may have noticed that all job opportunities are now shared in synch via Facebook, LinkedIn and the website. Visit the IABC Detroit Job Postings page for the latest opportunities.

2014-2015 Board

Alexandra Hichel, President,
Debbie Reinheimer, President Elect,
Eric Longs, Past President,
Gary Spondike, Senior Delegate,
Dan Saad, Judging Chair,
Sean Patrick, Career Outreach Chair,
Debra Salem, Program Marketing Director,
Jaclyn Klein, Digital Media Director,
Andrea Kenski, Student Relations Director,
Laura Heidrich, Newsletter Director,
Renee Ratliff, Website Content Director,
Karen Cashin, Membership Director,
Cynthia Shaw, Programs Director,
Lilian Lorenzi, Programs Director,
Michael Raveane, Programs Director,

We are planning an exciting year for you. Stay tuned!