“Providing value to your employer is critical these days. In my current position, winning awards are an expectation of my job performance evaluation.”–Dan Saad

Awards are tied to my performance goals

IABC-Detroit has provided me with a network of people and experiences to enhance my role as a communicator.

Alexandra Hichel

I couldn’t be more proud of our IABC-Detroit chapter for bringing such a richness of ideas and opportunities to our membership.

Nancy Sarpolis

I can’t reiterate how much fun I had at your [Pewabic Pottery] event…What a fun group of folks. I hope you will have me back. PS: that food was amazing!

Jennifer Richmond

For more than 25 years, belonging to IABC has been a blessing to me. My job at Chrysler was a direct result of making a contact at an IABC luncheon. I’m grateful for the knowledge I’ve gained and especially for the friends I’ve made. Joining IABC may have been my smartest career move ever.

Allan Nahajewski

Joining IABC Detroit was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Being a Board member has allowed me to work with great communication professionals that I otherwise may not have met. These connections have built my network and skill set which has been very rewarding.

Karen Cashin