Help us as we launch our 50/50 in 2020 Membership Drive!

2020 marks IABC Detroit’s 50th anniversary!

Happy New Year! It’s a new decade and this year marks IABC Detroit’s 50th anniversary! To honor the occasion, your IABC Detroit Board set a goal to bring in 50 new members this year.

A lot has changed in our profession since the Chapter was formed in 1970. The tools of our trade were so different.  The arrival of the fax machine in 1973 “revolutionized” business communications and computer 101 classes back then involved days of assembling “punch cards” to program a computer that eventually printed a giant dot matrix outline of George Washington – and no one said “LOL.”

But OMG – one thing that hasn’t changed is the support IABC Detroit brings to our professional community. The recently held Heritage Conference in Detroit was a great example of the value we bring to our members. And the upcoming, annual “PIO and the Right to Know” conference this March is another. Both events bring more than 200 communication professionals together to hone communication skills for today’s times.

From the local jobs bank, to programs, events and awards IABC Detroit has a lot to offer – not to mention all the services provided by IABC International. Where else can you connect with like-minded communication professionals in your home town and around the world?

If you agree that IABC provides a value to communication professionals and you know of colleagues who would benefit from a membership in IABC Detroit, please send then this link and ask them to sign up.

Thank you and stay tuned for more information about IABC Detroit’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Pete Ternes

IABC President

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