Office Work and Personal Meetings Are SOO Last Decade

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Since the new year celebrations brought in 2020, it feels like our world changed completely. Today we meet over a video chat, and if we meet in person, it’s at a safe distance while wearing masks. No more hugs, handshakes or fist bumps. Today its “do I use a standard or fun background for my video meeting – or do I let them see my room?”

At the same time, the need for professional communicators has grown substantially. With every work place changing, the volume and intensity for internal communications during a pandemic is at a new level. External communication is more immediate, critical and personal.
And as we climb out of this, 

  • Our communities continue to seek the latest information. 
  • Leaders need us to offer back-to-work strategies and health and safety information. 
  • Our employees need reassurance that they are safe and taking the right precautions wherever they work. 

IABC is here to help. 
IABC is offering a 50% discount on international dues and membership payment options for those who are financially struggling. Members due for renewal through May 31 and new members that wish to join but are facing financial difficulties can contact member can contact  for more information. 

Pandemic Resources
For immediate support check out IABC’s COVID-19 Resources website. There you’ll find information about communicating in high stress situations, how to build crisis resilience and “Communicating in the Weird, New Organizational Normal.” 

Demonstrate strategic value to your organization
Closer to home, on May 14th your local IABC Detroit Chapter, in association with the Heritage Region, is offering “Managing Communication for Results and Value.” IABC Fellow Jim Shaffer of the Shaffer Group will discuss how communication professionals can shift from information brokers to playing a role in executing your organization’s strategies in ways that improve results and add value. 

Contact Nancy Skidmore at NSKIDMORE@EARTHLINK.NET to register for this free webinar. 

Go Big AND Stay Home

If you have ever wanted to go to a major, International communications conference, but dreaded the cost and hassle of the travel, the time is now to attend IABC’s World Conference, June 14-17. 

Appropriately titled “Shift #areyouready” this virtual conference has something for every professional communicator’s interest and level. Conference tracks include: Career and Future Skills, Employee and Customer Engagement, Communication Driving Business, Creativity Technology & Design, Marketing and Brand, and Solution Providers. Considering you will be saving the travel expense, this is a real value.

Regardless of where you are and how you communicate with others, IABC Detroit will continue to offer timely resources and programs that will help you grow in your profession and your career. You can learn more about IABC Detroit at our website.

Finally, thank you to all of our IABC members as we navigate together through this new norm. And keep an eye out for more virtual Chapter events like the virtual happy half-hour shown above!

Pete Ternes 

IABC Detroit President

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