Conversations with Women About the Careers They Love

Trailblazing is hard work – just ask the many women you work with.

Each of them has a great story about how they’ve shaped their careers and built themselves into the leaders they wish they had as aspiring professionals.

But the game has changed. As more women earn their seat at the table, they’ve reshaped the workplace. Corporate America has (finally) caught on to the fact that culture eats strategy for breakfast – that the skills needed to lead in this new world have evolved from autocratic to collaborative. Just look at the number of leadership conferences now centered on compassion, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Whether you are at the start, middle or end of your career, these conversations are for you. Professional storyteller and Franco CEO Tina Kozak brings together women from across industries to share their epic career stories – the wins, the failures, the lessons learned, the interesting trends that have taken shape and the advice they wish someone would have told them sooner.

Join us for the first conversation in the series centered on none other than Tina herself…

Registration is free: https://bit.ly/33Hgtn7

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