Working from Home and Other Extreme Sports

Hello! I’m Sydney Lepora, Special Events Communications Manager at Hilton and your incoming IABC Detroit President for 2021- 2022. 

Recently, I had the pleasure of hosting a webinar discussion for our IABC Detroit February program, focused on how to (successfully) work from home – because no doubt about it, working from a home office is challenging, especially for those who have spent most of their career working in an office environment. Yet just as we’ve made the transition from closed office spaces, to cubicles, to open floor plans, so to can we adapt to the challenges of working from home. 

Though I am no expert, I think I bring a unique perspective to the discussion. 

I joined Hilton in May of 2019 as a remote team member, so I had to build relationships, meet my team, and immerse myself in a new industry from my home office. As someone who loves socializing and engaging with people face-to-face, this was a huge adjustment. I – essentially – had to adopt a new 

way of working. So, after COVID-19 sent everyone to their home offices, I thought I’d share my learnings and growing pains with our members and future members…and hopefully, some of the tips and tricks I’ve used over the past two years will help you, too. 

On our call, we spoke about: 

  1. Productivity – how to maximize productivity at home and find focus  
  2. How to actively engage with team members remotely and how to manage relationships with new team members in a virtual space
  3. The webcam woes – how to overcome camera fear and how to maximize the webcam as an asset for virtual encounters 
  4. Mindful mindset and work/life boundaries. 

Below, I’ll outline a few of the key takeaways we spoke about relating to productivity, and if you’re interested in viewing the webinar in full, you can listen to Working From Home and Other Extreme Sports HERE

Here are a few thought starters/tips for you to practice productivity in your home office:

  • Routine. Continue with your morning routine. Take the time to move your mind from “home” to “work” – resist the urge to simply roll out of bed and jump online. 
  • Space. Working from home first felt like a short-term solution, but now – for some companies – is a long-term resolution. So, make your working space feel more permanent, weather that means purchasing a small desk, moving some furniture to provide more privacy, or simply removing non work-related items. 
  • Schedule. Set your self up for success and organize your schedule based on when you are most productive. Feel you’re more creative in the evening? Set up calls for the morning and block your calendar for afternoon/evening so you can really focus on completing your to-dos. Make your day work for you. 

Thanks again to all who joined! I hope some of what we discussed resonates with you and your team. I’m looking forward for what’s to come – to seeing everyone in-person as we continue to learn, engage and grow as communication professionals.

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