Freelancer – Social Media Expert

Job description: A sales strategy leader of a billion dollar company, Jen E. Miller, is looking to exponentially drive up her online presence, specifically in the area of her blog. Her long-term goal is to have her own business as a consultant for companies with B2B sales departments or to be a keynote speaker for company events.

She writes a blog on professional development topics, geared toward those in B2B sales, though she is willing to change her focus if she was told it would be helpful to broaden her audience. The link to her website: She mainly posts the links to her latest blog posts in LinkedIn, but also has a Twitter and an Instagram account. Right now, she is not getting many views on her website or any of her social media sites (LinkedIn is her best of the three), and would like someone help her go from a handful of views to thousands. She posts about three times per week right now, and writes all the content herself, and is looking for someone to advise her on where, when, and how often to post, how to leverage SEO, how to best use hashtags and tags, and anything else that could help her to start increasing her viewership and ultimately her followership.

If interested in applying, please email with your contact information, resume or list of qualifications that meet the criteria, and availability for a phone conversation to discuss position details, your areas of expertise/experience, and compensation.

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