IABC Detroit President Note

IABC Detroit members – 

The season of transitions is upon us – and after what feels like a decade of groundhog-day sameness, mixed with crippling uncertainty, I welcome the much-needed change with open arms.

Whether you’re heading back to the office, your kids are heading back to school, or you’re enjoying the changing seasons, I think we can all breathe a collective sigh – perhaps not of relief – but hope, excitement and a notion that we are indeed moving forward.

We as communicators have arguably experienced the biggest transition of all. Our insight is needed now more than ever to keep team members, customers, shareholders and the public at large, connected. We have a seat at the table – and it’s imperative  we stay there. Your IABC Detroit board of directors are working to ensure the organization helps with this mission through adopting the following three priorities to guide our 2021-22 board year: 

  1. Value 
  2. Membership
  3. Recognition  

Our first priority is establishing the value of IABC Detroit – for you as members, for our current and future sponsors and for our organizations. This is imperative to our continued success. All members have their own why for joining, be it networking, resource mining or leadership development. It’s now our job as your board of directors to elevate this value proposition and ensure it’s heard loud and clear.

Our second priority is overall membership – including recruitment and retention. We know that after a year like 2020, where virtual engagement was the only possibility, you may feel disconnected from the organization. We are working to ensure our membership feels inclusive, engaging and meaningful. We want you to love IABC Detroit – because you are our best brand ambassadors. We are only as strong as those on our membership roster.

Our final priority is recognition. I’m extremely excited to announce that we are launching a brand new awards program – the IABC Detroit Beacon Awards. This awards program will recognize the top communicators and their organizations in seven different categories – including:

  • Agency of the Year (small)
  • Agency of the Year (large)
  • Best Crisis Communications Strategy
  • Best Employee Engagement Strategy
  • Best COVID-19 Response Strategy
  • Best Integrated Communications Strategy
  • Emerging Communications Leader of the Year
  • Communicator of the Year

The program will commence in May of 2022. More information – including how to submit for the program and submission guidelines will be released in the coming weeks. 

In the meantime – I’d like to remind you about an exciting opportunity for networking and professional development: The Heritage Region Conference, taking place Friday, October 22. The half-day virtual conference will focus on what communicators need to know to transform their communication, including reviewing best practices and exciting ideas. I encourage you to register today and take advantage of this great opportunity to learn from the fabulous individuals in our industry.

I am honored to serve as your President this year and will do everything I can to deliver on the priorities outlined above, ensuring the continued success of this exceptional chapter. 

All the best, 

Sydney Lepora, DES
Account Director, Client Experience
M 586.413.4112
W www.currentglobal.com 
360 West Maple Road
Birmingham, Michigan  48009

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